The Power of Calm - Practical Module (Optional)

Skills and Strategies for Effective Stress Reduction.

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The Power of Calm practical modules give you the option to turn your new knowledge into practice!. With the help of our brilliant app, you can learn how to reduce your stress anywhere, anytime in a simple, scientific and effective way.

Module 4

Will help you download the app and get you started on some powerful relaxation techniques right away!

Module 5

Will introduce you to a 14-Day program that will help you develop the skills and strategies to manage stress better anywhere, anytime you need it most.

  • Module 4 (Optional) - Stress reduction exercises   0/2

    • Simple, scientifically based stress reduction protocols
    • Detailed Instructions
  • Module 5 (Optional) - Turning knowledge into habit   0/2

    • Guided 14 day stress reduction program
    • Using the Address Stress app to do your 14-Day program

    • Completion Quiz
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    • Complete the Optional Module Here